Sukirna Roy



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I am currently a graduate student at College of Engineering and Computer Science, University of Central Florida [Expected graduation: May, 2021].
   My current research interest lies at the intesection of computational social science, complex adaptive systems, network sciences and big data. Primarily, I try to engineer features from big data and use them to model the behavior of networks and societies.
   Formerly, I worked with Indian Space Research Organisation where I was involved in GSAT(s), INSAT(s), METSAT and IRNSS(s) projects. My previous research areas included deep space networks, IoT and parallel computing. I graduated from Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology in 2013 with BTech in Avionics, majoring in Computer Science. Feel free to check out my work or get in touch with me.

Technical skillset

Python, C, C++, SQL, Netlogo, Pytorch, Tensorflow

Professional Experience

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Interplanetary Overlay Network Emulator: Design Principles and Performance Analysis

Presented and published in proceedings of ISRO Seminar on Computers & Information Technology 2015, evaluating the performance of NASA's ION-DTN in varying link conditions.

Enablers of IoT and their Security and Privacy Issues

Published in Internet of Things (IoT) in 5G Mobile Technologies, by Springer International Publishing AG, Cham, ISBN 978-3-319-30913-2, a survey of the current state of technologies capable of enabling the Internet of Things and their ability to be used as secure channels of communication.

Fellowships International Deep Learning Fellowship, 2017

Personal Projects

Cellular automata based model for forest fire detection

Extended the Forest Fire Extension 1 model from Netlogo 6.0 library to incorporate, random spontaneous fire start. To study fire fighting effectiveness, cretaed two separate models, first based on traditional watch towers to provide a baseline for performance and the second based to wireless sensor networks. Wireless sensor networks proved to be a very cost-effective and efficient solution compared to the traditional watch towers.

Effect of state sponsored and independent media on public perception of grievance

Extended Joshua M. Epstein's model presented in this paper to incorporate the effect of compromised media and alternative methods of propaganda spread and its effect on public perception of the legitimacy of the government.

Concurrent lock free and obstruction-free hash map

Lock free and obstruction free hash map implementations based on Lock-Free Transactional Transformation for Linked Data Structures

Concurrent hash map using MRLocks

MRLocks provides a fine grainded queue based locking mechanism for traditional non-concurrent data structure effectively making them thread safe and offers greatly improved performance over traditional coarse grained locking.

My experiments with data structures

Regular and not so regular implementation of data structures, just for the sake of it.